Information for Victims

The purpose of Victim Services is to lessen the trauma associated with being the victim of a crime or a trauma, and to try to prevent revictimization.

Clients include, both primary and secondary victims, witnesses and at times, the general public when affected by a major incident.

24 Hr Response:
Volunteers and staff try to ensure that someone is available to respond to a crisis call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week. Volunteers who respond to crisis calls are specifically trained and generally have more experience dealing with a crisis.

Emotional Support:
Emotional support involves the validation of feelings and common reactions which clients may experience as a victim of crime and/or traumatic event.

Information pertinent to a victim’s file where charges have been laid against an accused person will be provided in all aspects. This would include court procedure and the roles of everyone involved in a judicial court setting with special emphasis on testifying. Victim Impact Statements and Victim Financial Compensation will be discussed with victims as a matter of course for purposes of clarification.

Victims who require professional assistance such as counseling, legal advice etc will be referred to the appropriate agency with their permission only.

Assistance with Death Notification:
Victim Services will assist the police with death notifications when required, to provide emotional and practical support to those who have lost a loved one.

Home and Business Security Information:
Victims of break and enters into their homes, vehicles etc often experience violation of privacy and fear that the culprit(s) may come back again. Information on security and safety measures are shared by victim services in an attempt to help lessen the trauma experienced.

  • Victims of Crime Need:

    • Information
    • Support
    • To be listened to
    • Links to appropriate support systems
    • To have their anger acknowledged
    • To know their reactions are normal
    • Assistance in regaining a sense of control

  • Getting Help

    If you are a victim of a crime or traumatic event, consider contacting our offices at your closest RCMP detachment or any one of the 17 other Victim Services Programs situated throughout Saskatchewan.

    Reaching out is not a sign of weakness. It is a positive step to consider during traumatic times.