Who We Are

We are a police based program (RCMP) supported and funded by the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General. Our program began in 1992 in the city of Swift Current and has since spread to the southwest districts of Maple Creek, Shaunavon, Gull Lake, Tompkins, Leader, Ponteix, Gravelbourg, Morse, Herbert, Assiniboia, Kyle and 40 other smaller communities in the South West.

We have a volunteer base of 45 trained volunteers who work out of the respective districts with the RCMP. There are Victim Services offices in each of the South West RCMP detachments.

A salaried Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator in conjunction with a local volunteer Board of Directors are responsible for the operation of the Program.


  • Recognizing that victims have needs directly related to their involvement in the Criminal Justice System, which are distinct from those addressed by Social Services, health, education or other related agencies.
  • To increase understanding of the needs of victims of crime and to ensure basic services are available to meet their needs throughout Sask.
  • Educating the public & professionals about the needs of victims & how to respond in a helpful and compassionate way.
  • Ensuring the victim’s rights & needs are being met.

RCMP          Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

  • Victims of Crime Need:

    • Information
    • Support
    • To be listened to
    • Links to appropriate support systems
    • To have their anger acknowledged
    • To know their reactions are normal
    • Assistance in regaining a sense of control

  • Getting Help

    If you are a victim of a crime or traumatic event, consider contacting our offices at your closest RCMP detachment or any one of the 17 other Victim Services Programs situated throughout Saskatchewan.

    Reaching out is not a sign of weakness. It is a positive step to consider during traumatic times.