Welcome to Victim Services – South West

What can we do for victims of crime and/or traumatic events in Southwest Saskatchewan?

First and foremost, we recognize and will respond to the needs of victims. You, as a victim, have the right to be treated fairly with courtesy and respect.

We can help you cope with the effects of crime and traumatic events in many ways such as:

Emotional Support
Helping to identify your needs & by supporting you through the stages of victimization.

Crisis Intervention
Providing immediate help & guidance when faced with a frightening event.

Helping to explain the police & court procedures in lay language, specific to your personal situation. Acting as a liaison between the police and you, the victim, facilitates the police investigation and the meeting of your needs.

You may experience varied emotions during your specific event; emotions that may suggest further referrals being considered & discussed with you to local, other professional agencies.

Court Services
In the event that your specific situation leads to a preliminary and or trial stage, we can assist you with all facets of those processes by being at your side in a supportive role.

RCMP          Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

  • Victims of Crime Need:

    • Information
    • Support
    • To be listened to
    • Links to appropriate support systems
    • To have their anger acknowledged
    • To know their reactions are normal
    • Assistance in regaining a sense of control

  • Getting Help

    If you are a victim of a crime or traumatic event, consider contacting our offices at your closest RCMP detachment or any one of the 17 other Victim Services Programs situated throughout Saskatchewan.

    Reaching out is not a sign of weakness. It is a positive step to consider during traumatic times.